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TGN Exclusive: Torn Armor previews two new Behemoth Assault units

Torn Armor is a new skirmish game coming from the Torn World setting. They've given us some photos they'd like to share of two Behemoth Assault units they're going to be coming out with. Stay tuned for their Kickstarter event starting March 3rd.

But now for the pictures (it's what you all really want to see, anyway)...

From the preview:

The Torn Armor team is gearing up for our Kickstarter going live 3/3 and we wanted to share something very special: the announcement of two very ‘cuddly’ new units.

Rhinoman details: Faction: Maychian. Unit: Kerrosus Assault Behemoth
Specifications: 100mm base, 120mm tall to the ‘eyes’ on the gaming board
Yes, those are five Mu you see on him: two drivers, two manning Hwacha siege weaponry and one hanging on with his tail while using a sling.

Elephant details: Faction: Sisk. Unit: Sunnahara Rayja War Elephant
Specifications: 100mm base, 100mm tall on the gaming board
Three bowmen, two spearmen, and one driver.

Both units will be unlocked when we pass the $100k mark and will be available as add-ons for $40 a piece. Delivery is estimated to be November 2013, alongside the release of the Torn Armor boardgame.
These are two evenly matched units. The Sisk have a slight edge on range, but the Maychian Hwacha can pack quite the punch at close range. Both behemoths are – of course – terrifying in melee.
Kickstarter Only: Both of these units will be available post kickstarter through retail outlets and the Torn World web-store, but ONE of them will be released as a kickstarter only limited release. Which one will be down to the Torn Armor pledgers to decide.
When the kickstarter begins, a campaign map will be revealed; the Maychians control half, the Sisk control the other. Through competitions and challenges issued throughout the kickstarter, we will be inviting backers to seize control of areas on the map.
Whichever side has control of the map when the kickstarter ends on 4/4 unlocks the limited edition version of their Behemoth.