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TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 6

TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 6

The final reveal is here for Guillotine Games’ Zombicide: Black Plague core Survivors. If you haven’t had a chance to check them all out, you can find links to each Survivor at the end of this post. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday if I say so myself. Today’s hero is the elven archer, Silas. Samson couldn’t be the only non-human! So let’s take a look.
When Silas learned about the Necromancers and hordes of Zombies they’d be releasing upon the world, he was quick to inform the elven lords. Unfortunately, elves live a very long life, so to them, a fast decision could take years. Silas, knowing the rest of the world wouldn’t last that long, decided to strike out on his own with his trusty bow and do whatever he could to save whoever he could.

No self-respecting elf would leave the forest without his trusty bow, and Silas is most definitely a self-respecting elf. At the Blue Danger Level (0-6 experience), Silas has +1 to dice roll: Ranged. A ranged weapon is good. Starting with a ranged weapon is even better. But getting a +1 to that attack is even better. Pair him with the wizard Baldric and the rest of the Survivor group will have some great ranged support. Speaking of that support, in past editions, Survivors took priority over Zombies when firing into a zone containing both, but in Black Plague, our heroes are a bit more skilled when it comes to attacking from afar. Now Zombies will take the shots first. Of course, the Zombies don’t always stay ranged, so its a good thing Silas can keep a Sword in his body slot.

As Silas sinks arrow after arrow between the Zombies’ empty eyes like some type of fantasy Katniss Everdeen, he’ll fast approach his extra action at the Yellow Danger Level (7-18 experience). And with that fourth action, it’ll be no time until you’re choosing between two new Orange Danger Level (19-42 experience) Skills: +1 free Ranged Action or “Point-blank.” Going the free Ranged Action route is a plus if you like killing more Zombies, and I’m always up for that. Point-blank is your other option, allowing you to take ranged shots at Zombies in your zone, no matter the allowed range listed on the weapon. And remember, you won’t hit other Survivors first, so fire away!

Confirmed kill after confirmed kill will have you to the Red Danger Level (43+ experience) Skills before you have time to catch your breath. The new Skills you’ll be choosing from are: +1 die: Ranged, +1 free Combat Action, or “Iron Rain.” Once you’re at the Red Danger Level, Zombies of all kinds will be spawning fast and furious, so getting that extra die when making a ranged attack is great. Of course, the free Combat Action is also very useful in a Zombie horde situation. Killing more or a better chance to kill? Age old question. But what about Iron Rain? Oh that little Skill? With it you can replace the number of dice rolled on a range weapon with a number equal to the Actors standing in the target zone. As a reminder, Actors include Zombies and Survivors, including yourself, so those dice can really add up.

Well, there we have it! Your core Survivors in Zombicide: Black Plague from Guillotine Games and CMON. The Kickstarter is set to launch on June 8th at 3pm EST. If you’ve enjoyed the previous games in the franchise, this one seems to keep the fun alive while adding a few new (and welcomed) twists. TGN will have a chance to play it next week and let you know our thoughts. Until then, check out Guillotine Games’ Facebook for more info.