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TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 5

A quick note to our readers, if you've been keeping up with the reveals everyday, you might have notice Samson's Skills seem shockingly similar to Nelly's from Thursday. That's because they are! Or well, were. The designers at Guillotine Games caught the issue yesterday, and TGN has already posted an updated Nelly reveal with the appropriate ID card and commentary. However, if you're just coming to these articles, everything is as it should be. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Over the past several days with the Survivors from Guillotine Games' upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague, we've meet a lot of great human heroes, but any good fantasy setting needs a few fantasy races. Black Plague is no different. That's why today's reveal is so much fun. I'm talking about the dwarven blacksmith, Samson! If he isn't swinging a smithy hammer at his anvil, he's swinging a hammer at a Zombie's head.

A fantasy game isn't really a fantasy game without a mighty, dwarven blacksmith, and Samson fills the roll nicely. Across the land, dwarven weapons and armor are highly regarded for their above average, almost magical, power. However, Samson knows the truth. Humans are just suckers for some dwarven runes on their equipment. There's not a magical thing about the quality gear he makes. He's just an incredibly talented blacksmith. He happily made a living off the human's ignorance, never lying but never correcting them. At least he did before the Zombies came. Now, he's putting all the fine dwarven weaponry to use!

Dwarfs are a hearty race, especially the blacksmiths. So Samson is well equipped to survive the Zombie invasion. His starting skill at the Blue Danger Level (0-6 experience) is "Iron Hide." With this Skill, you can make an Armor roll of 5+ without actually wearing armor. Armor is another new concept in Black Plague. So with Iron Hide, if Samson is attacked (and he will be), you can roll a die for each potential hit. As long as the roll is 5 or more, he doesn't take damage. If you do decide to give him some armor, he gets +1 to Armor rolls. Samson just looks at fighters scrambling for armor an laughs! Of course, Samson isn't stupid, so if he doesn't have armor, he has the option to hold a Shield in his body slot. You know, just in case.

Like with other survivors, Yellow Danger Level (7-18 experience) nets Samson an extra action. Once he bashes his way to the Orange Danger Level (19-42 experience), you get to choose one of these new Skills: +1 die: Combat or +1 to dice roll: Melee. Samson not only knows how to make a weapon. He knows how to use one, too. Both options here are good. Either you get an extra die to roll in combat, or you add 1 to any Melee roll you make. For me, I think the Skill choice depends on my mood. Do I want to play it safe with a +1 or chuck some more dice? Either way, those Zombies aren't long with this world.






No matter what Orange Skill you picked, it's sure to help Samson on his way to the Red Danger Level (43+ experience). Once there, you have a whole new set of Skills to choose from: +1 Damage: Melee, +1 free Combat Action, or "Barbarian." Again, all very Melee focused choices here. The +1 damage to Melee attacks is key because that makes Samson the only Survivor in the game able to take down the Abomination when he adds 1 to a 2 damage weapon (the highest damage that weapons in the game have). If you don't take that Skill, I hear there is another way to take down the Abomination, so don't worry. With that in mind, you could take an extra Combat Action. I'm sure he (and you) would appreciate it. But if you really want to embrace Samson's destiny, you'll choose Barbarian. With this awesome Skill, you can forgo a melee weapon's dice number and replace it with a number of dice equal to the "Actors" in a zone (Actors referring to any Zombies or Survivors, yourself included). Potentially, a weapon with 1 die could become 5 if Samson, Clovis, and three Walkers were present. Picking the Red Skill is going to be tough for Samson, but the real standouts here are the +1 damage and Barbarian.

Samson seems to be a real heavy hitter. If I'm not playing him, I'll make sure someone is. His ability to take out an Abomination with boosted damage is clutch. We've got one more Survivor tomorrow to round out the core group: Silas.

Check out Guillotine Games' Facebook for more information as they get closer to Zombicide: Black Plague's Kickstarter on June 8 at 3pm EST.