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TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 4

Update: This post has been edited since its initial publication. Guillotine Games discovered the stats for Nelly and Samson had been mixed up in some sort of horrible encounter with a Necromancer's dark forces. (Imagine a designer's face turning into something from Munch's The Scream painting.)  These things happen, especially before a game is published. Below you'll find the updated Survivor card and article for Nelly.

Over the past couple of days, we've met some interesting Survivors - a former paladin, a warrior nun and a wise wizard - from Guillotine Games' upcoming game, Zombicide: Black Plague. Today, we take a look at a hero from the streets, or the tavern to be more exact. I'm not talking about some stumbling drunk either. I'm talking about the kick butt lady who has to deal with all of those drunks, Nelly!

In any type of fantasy setting, taverns play a key roll. It's where the heroes go to find quests or celebrate past adventures with a hearty slap on the back and a stiff drink. But in Black Plague, one tavern managed to make its own hero, our Survivor Nelly. From a young age, she spent her time working in a tavern, fending off the advances of drunks and other ne'er-do-wells. With her years of practice bashing tankards into heads, she was a natural when it came to smashing Zombie brains once the invasion hit.


Nelly's starting skill at the Blue Danger Level (0-6 experience) is +1 free Move Action. If you've waited tables before, you know you've got to be quick on your feet, even more so in a fantasy tavern full of grabby hands. Luckily, this has resulted in Nelly getting that free Move Action, keeping her one step ahead of the undead. This makes Nelly an excellent scout, especially when combined with one of her later skills, "Slippery." And because she's always prepared, Nelly can keep a Dagger in her body slot instead of armor, meaning a blade is always close by if she needs it in a pinch.

The Yellow Danger Level (7-18 experience) nets Nelly an extra action on her turn, which is always a welcome addition. Once she makes her way to the Orange Danger Level (19-42 experience), you get to choose one of these new Skills: "Bloodlust: Melee" or Slippery. Nelly is quick on her feet, but she also has a lot of pent up aggression, so her Bloodlust for physical combat isn't too unexpected. She has had a lot of experience knocking drunks on the head with tankards after all. With the Bloodlust: Melee Skill, you can move Nelly up to two zones to a zone containing at least one Zombie, and then make a free Melee Action! Your other option is Slippery, which allows Nelly to move out of a Zombie occupied zone without spending an extra Move Action. When you really think about it, a drunk person and a Zombie aren't all that different. So it makes sense that Nelly can get away so easily.






So maybe you used your movement skills to get in and grab a few extra objectives before the other Survivors. And now you're approaching the Red Danger Level (43+ experience). Once there, you have a whole new set of Skills to choose from to deal with the heightened Zombie threat: +1 free Combat Action, +1 to dice roll: Combat or "Hit & Run." Just because Nelly is good at moving around doesn't mean she can't hold her own in a fight. You could give Nelly an extra Combat Action to show off her skills. Or if you like the security of having better odds with a +1 to your Combat dice rolls, you have that option too. Or you could combine her talents with Hit & Run. With this skill, Nelly can take her Melee Action and then take a free Movement Action. Hit & Run is even better when you realize the Skill is free to use and, when activated, ignores the extra Move Action that would be required to escape a zone with a Zombie.

In a situation that would have caused "regular" people to retreat, Nelly stood her ground during the Zombie invasion. Unbeknownst to her, the years of working at a tavern had uniquely prepared her to stand side-by-side with the other Survivors of Black Plague. Come back tomorrow to learn all about the next Survivor, Samson!

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