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TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 3

TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 3

When it comes to fighting the Zombies, Abominations, and Necromancers of Guillotine Games’ upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague, strength of conviction and sharpness of blade are key, as our previous Survivor reveals have shown. But blade and brawn are not the only way the game’s heroes stand against the horrors of their world. Magic is new to the Zombicide franchise, and today’s Survivor, Baldric, knows it well.

Baldric is Black Plague‘s resident master of magic. Before the invasion, his adventures and magical prowess were legendary. His skill with the arcane and desire for knowledge are unmatched. Much to the displeasure of his peers, Baldric opened an academy to reveal the occult secrets of magic. But when the Necromancers appeared, there was no doubt left in his mind that he needed to travel the land, spreading his knowledge to those in need and bringing death to the monsters who forgot their place.

Baldric’s years of dedication to the world of magic have served him well, allowing him to reach a distinguished old age. So it’s not surprising to see that he starts with the “Spellcaster” Skill at the Blue Danger Level (0-7 experience). With Spellcaster, a character receives one extra action on their turn, but it must be a Magic or Enchantment Action, both of which are new to Zombicide. We touched on spells briefly in Anny‘s reveal, but let’s take a little closer look now.

Survivors can equip Combat and Enchantment Spell cards, which Baldric is sure to be loaded down with. Combat Spells are treated like ranged weapons, so you’ll be able to cast them on zones within the spell’s range, resolving its effects on a successful roll. Then you have Enchantment Spells that don’t have combat effects, but are still very useful for things like healing wounds or getting a Survivor out of a tight spot. Because Baldric is a survivor, he has the option of carrying a Sword in his body slot, leaving his hand slots free for all that wizarding.

As you might have guessed, Baldric acquires his extra Action once the Danger Level reaches Yellow (7-18 experience). From there, you blast your way to the Orange Danger Level (19-42 experience) Skill choices: +1 free Magic Action or “Spellbook.” Being able to cast an extra Combat Spell is nothing to laugh at, unless you find zombies engulfed in arcane fire funny. No judgement. Or you could pick Spellbook, which no self-respecting wizard would be without. With this Skill, any Combat or Enchantment Spells in your inventory (backpack slots) are considered equipped in your hand slots. Combo that with identical spell names containing the Dual icon and you’ve got some major power brewing. Spellbook also allows you to free up your body slot from its sword (if you equipped one there), move it to a hand slot, and actually wear some protection. If I’m playing Baldric, I know I’ll be going with the book.

Tossing spells around like there’s no tomorrow will get you to the Red Danger Level (43+ experience) in no time. Once there, you’ll have three new Skills to pick from, including: +1 die: Magic, +1 free Combat Action, or +1 to dice roll: Melee. If you’re going all magic, choosing an extra Magic die can be very useful for ensuring success. If you’re not worried about that extra die and prefer another Combat Action, then you’re covered in that department too. I’m unlucky when rolling, so I’ll lean towards the extra die. If you want to balance Baldric’s magic with something a little more physical, you can get a +1 to all of your Melee dice rolls. I can see how this is useful, but, for better or worse, I’ll be all spells all the time.

Baldric is a master of his craft, standing up against the invading hordes of Zombies with the best of them. Don’t let his age fool you, he’ll cast circles around the younger Survivors. Stop by tomorrow for the reveal of Black Plague‘s next Survivor: Nelly!

And check out Guillotine Games’ Facebook for more information as they get closer to Zombicide: Black Plague‘s Kickstarter.