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TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 2

TGN Exclusive: The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague, Part 2

Yesterday TGN readers got an early look at the unstoppable warrior Clovis as part of our daily series revealing the six core Survivors from the next chapter of Guillotine’s successful Zombicide franchise. In Black Plague, players explore the tangled streets, buildings, and secret vaults of a medieval town while battling Zombies summoned by evil Necromancers. Today we turn to the next hero in the series: Anny, a nun out to right the wrongs of a monster infested world. And when you’re battling evil, there’s no one you want more on your side than a holy woman.

As a child, Anny’s village was destroyed by a heartless Lord’s appetite for destruction (cue dramatic music). She was the sole survivor, found wandering around in the wild by a barbarian hunting tribe. With no place for her in the group, she was left at a convent to learn the ways of the world, further strengthening her habit for survival. A habit she’ll take in to battle (both literally and figuratively) as she strikes out from the safety of her sisters to rid the world of darkness.

With a traumatic history like Anny’s, it’s not surprising her Blue Danger Level (0-6 experience) Skill is “Bloodlust: Melee.” As a starter skill goes, Bloodlust is a nice one, allowing her to move up to two zones and take a free Melee Action. I guess Clovis won’t be the only one on the field getting up close and personal. With her penchant for bloodletting, it’s not surprising to see her Body Slot allows a Dagger in place of armor, which is going to come in handy if you choose to equip Anny with spells or a Shield.

Once the Danger Level kicks up to Yellow (7-18 experience), she gets her +1 Action, allowing you that extra Bloodlust if you so choose (and I know I will). As she moves and sticks her way through the Zombie hordes, Anny will eventually hit the Orange Danger Level (19-42 experience), which will open up a couple choices for the players: +1 free Magic Action or +1 free Melee Action. If you like the idea of tossing around a little righteous fire and lightning, taking the free Magic Action is the right way to go, especially considering you can still pack an extra Dagger in case things get dicey. Or maybe your Anny likes to look the Zombie in the face when it’s sent back to hell, in which case that free Melee Action is sure to do the trick.

Before you know it, the Red Danger Level (43 experience) will be upon you (for better or worse) and you’ll have a whole new set of Skills to choose from, including: +1 free Combat Action, +1 to dice roll: Combat, or “Roll 6: +1 die Combat.” The first two skills are pretty straightforward. Either you can get an additional Combat Action this turn, allowing Melee, Ranged, or Magic Attacks, which is a good catch-all Skill no matter how you’ve spec’d Anny. Of course, you could forgo the extra attack for a little insurance by way of +1 to all your Combat dice rolls. Or if you want to have a little faith in your dice, the Roll 6: +1 die Combat is a potentially deadly choice. With this Skill, every die you roll that comes up a 6 can be rolled again. When Anny hits, it’s devastating.

Looking at her Skills, Anny seems to be another great choice for players who like to get into the thick of it while still having the option to toss a few spells around. She might not be as survivable as Clovis, but what she lacks in armor (if you choose to pack that extra Dagger), she makes up for in killing prowess. Come back tomorrow to see the next Survivor, Baldric.

And check out Guillotine Games’ Facebook for more information as they get closer to Zombicide: Black Plague‘s Kickstarter.