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TGN Exclusive: Queen's Necklace Cards and Board Preview

Queen's Necklace is making a comeback to gaming tabletops near you. Spaghetti Western Games and CMON are working hard to make sure this new version runs perfectly and looks great. To run right, they've updated the rules to make sure all clarifications and updates have been incorporated, even those originally only posted as digital FAQs.

To make sure it looks great, they've enlisted Denis Zilber to create the new card art. Denis is a highly regarded artist who has worked with such studios as Hasbro Animation, Dreamworks, and Nickelodeon. He's also done artwork in books for publishers like Penguin Publishing, Scholastic Books, Hotkey Books, Sterling Children's Books, and Clubhouse Jr. Even with such a busy schedule, he still finds time to travel the world, teaching and giving lectures on both animation and storytelling.

We've been given exclusive artwork to show off from the project. Check below the cut for a look at 6 of the new cards for the game, as well as the layout for the new game board.
You'll be able to pick up a copy for yourself this coming September.