TGN Exclusive Preview: Raeth’Marid, the Rising Tsunami For Godtear

Godtear is the new minis game coming from Steamforged Games. The Kickstarter campaign is just a mere 3 days away, launching on April 6th. The fine folks over at Steamforged have been kind enough to give us an exclusive preview of one of the incoming Champions. Check out the mini for and backstory of Raeth’Marid, the Rising Tsunami.

Raeth’s Backstory:

There exists no race more noble or enigmatic than the mighty dragonkin, their nature unfathomable even to the ancient sects of the elves. It is near unknown for these majestic creatures to become chosen, the prodigious vitality of their elemental bodies alien to the skin and bone of other mortals.
Yet still the mantle of chosen has settled upon Raeth’Marid, a curiosity even the dragonkin himself cannot fully comprehend. The lure of the Godtear is a constant ebb upon his mind, as the gentle tide washing upon the shore. Alone Raeth’Marid searches for portent of his sacred duty, his question ever what the future may hold – will his fate lie in tormented failure, or a new era for his kind?

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