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TGN Exclusive Preview From Blood & Plunder

TGN Exclusive Preview From Blood & Plunder

Hey there, everyone. We’ve got a special treat for you here this morning. The fine fellows over at Firelock Games have given us an exclusive preview of their upcoming game Blood & Plunder, which will launch on Kickstarter on the 19th.

These first two renders are for Captain Rivera Del Pardal (with the two swords), who is part of the Spanish faction, the Guarda Costa. We also have Captain Morgan… uh… the miniature, not the drink (it’s early on Sunday, I don’t think it’s really the proper time for rum, but that’s me).

Here you can see a couple new renders of characters and some English Militia members. While there are various characters that you can play in the game, obviously most pirates’ names haven’t made it through history. These guys are here to help bulk up your ranks. Ships won’t sail themselves, after all.

And here you have some of the fine displays that the team has made for the game. That game, by the way, is a historical 28mm miniatures game that takes place in the 17th century. It will include rules for land battles (as one would expect), but will also feature rules for naval engagements as well as amphibious battles. So you can fight within a town, on board moving ships, as well as stage assaults on coastal towns, all looking for plunder and booty.

As I mentioned, the Kickstarter campaign will set sail on the 19th of this month, so be on the lookout for that (don’t worry, we’ll remind you know when it goes live as well).

Be sure to check out both the Firelock Games Facebook Page as well as the Firelock Games Website for more info and upcoming previews.