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TGN Exclusive: New Faction Preview For Bushido

TGN Exclusive: New Faction Preview For Bushido

While I certainly do enjoy a lot of different miniatures games, one of my favorites is Bushido by GCT Studios. It checks many of my, “I love when they do this in games” boxes. So I’m very much thrilled to hear that they’ll be coming out with a new faction for the game at Gen Con. They’ve also been so kind as to give me (and by extension, you) an exclusive preview of one of the upcoming models.

The new faction is called the Jung and they’ll be drawing from the “disenchanted from many factions and people from the Jwar Isles and beyond.” That’s quoted from Odin, himself, from GCT.

And here you’ve got a 360 view of the 3D render for the figure.

Stay tuned as I’m sure we’ll be getting more previews as Gen Con approaches.

What do you guys think of the new figure? I’m stoked, and I know of at least one guy who’s going to squee like a little girl when he see it.