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TGN Exclusive: First Look at Hunter's Guild Hearne for Guild Ball

For those that have been watching, I've been talking a lot about Guild Ball lately. It's a game I've been keeping track of since I first started seeing artwork coming out for it. But now I've finally gotten the chance to really check it out. It's been a game that's been blowing up my Facebook friend's feed and I had a chance to play my first match yesterday. Well, the kind fellows over at Steamforged are coming out with a new Guild for the game and have given me a bit of artwork they'd like me to show you.

GB-S2-Hunters-Hearne TGN

An awesome-looking fella. We'll have to speculate on stats for now, but I'm guessing he'll be big and tough, with a 2" melee range for that spear. My Fisherman will have to watch out for him and try to keep him tied down with harpoons.

So there we have it.

Steamforged has posted up a silhouetted version of the Hunter's Guild figures. I'm eagerly awaiting the next figure.

Guild Ball Facebook Page With Silhouettes