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TGN Exclusive FAITH Preview Artwork

The FAITH: A Garden in Hell Kickstarter campaign keeps rolling along. They've made it over their funding goal over the weekend, and so they're working their way towards the first of their stretch goals. To help entice you, they're showing off some new artwork. And this is the first place you can see it.

That's a special Coalition Soldier NPC from the game. A combat veteran, he has participated in many assaults on various planets. His gear is state-of-the-art, from the visor down to his boots. His Heat Pressure Gun (also shown) has its own gear card. These were drawn by Zabi Hassan.

As I mentioned, the campaign is over their funding goal and heading to stretch goals. Our thanks to the fellows over at Burning Games for giving us a first look at these cool art pieces, and to Zabi for being such an awesome artist!