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Jan 14th, 2011

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money. To that end we have two polls. This poll asks you how your spent your gaming dollars in December 2010. The other asks what games you played during the month.

You can select up to four options. Remember that you can select a game even if you didn’t play it. We’re interested solely in purchasing, our other poll covers the games you actually played.

Also note that the intent of the poll is to track what you purchased the product for not what it was intended for. So if you bought a GW Warhammer miniature to use in Songs of Blades and Heroes then please don’t mark it as a Warhammer purchase.

Purchasing Poll

[poll id=”34″]
  • I voted, but it doesn’t accurately reflect my purchasing at all. What statistical guidelines did you follow by capping the number at four? Could you outline the logistics of your polling methods a little more in the description? The methodology for this poll seems flawed.

    • Zac

      > What statistical guidelines did you follow by capping the number at four?

      None. Its a nice round number.

      > The methodology for this poll seems flawed.

      There is none. So perhaps its flawed because there is none?

  • Could you maybe open it up? The problem I ran into is that I had to “select” which games to represent, which introduces a bias. Eliminating the cap will allow for a more accurate representation of what people are actually playing and investing in.

    On another note, I apologize if I was too forward in my initial post. I could have written better without. Sorry if I offended in any way, Zac. Just trying to help.



    • “I could have written that better,” is what I meant. The irony is thick in that sentence. Ha!

    • Zac

      > The problem I ran into is that I had to β€œselect” which games to represent, which introduces a bias.

      How much of a bias is it going to be really? How many games did you purchase figs or accessories for?

      • yamaneko


    • fiendil

      You could just select the 4 you spent the most on and the 4 you played the most games of.

      • yamaneko

        Indeed. I approached this with way too formal of a mindset, but only because of the nature of the work I’m doing at the moment. Huge “oops” on my part. Carry on. πŸ™‚

  • timlillig

    My “Other – Tabletop game” choice is Mech Attack

  • maroonldr

    Hmm. I don’t think I actually bought anything in December but somehow I gained a lot of minis at the end of the month. Considering they were bought for me at my behest do you count those?

    • Zac

      I would think so

  • Urban_bunny


    I’d like to add to my list

    Armies for three “war commander” rules, bought wwIi! Modern and scifi amries for them, Field of Glory Rennassance, And Ambush Alley Z. Bought my first bunch of zombies in 20 years for AAZ.

  • Bundybear

    I only spent money on figures for two games – Black Powder and The Rules with No Name (which is now the 3rd or 4th poll it hasn’t been included in)

    • Zac

      There are 130 poll entries. At some point I have to draw the line

      • treslibras

        Do you have to? Isn’t this poll exactly about seeing for which games we spend our money? You wanna know or not? πŸ˜‰

        Don’t get me wrong, Zac, I see why your reaction might be like this but I also see some VERY exotic choices in this poll already, and either you want to get detailed knowledge on game shopping or you want the big trends only. In the latter case you should minimize choices to maybe 20.

        Both has its merits and flaws, I guess.

        • Zac

          >Do you have to?

          I think so. If I included every single game available the poll would be unreadable

  • treslibras

    I regularly buy miniatures – but often I am not buying them for a particular game, i.e. I like the mini but I am not playing a game that would fit the miniatures.
    For example, I like Cthulhu pulp but I don’t play horror/pulp. I also buy fantasy miniatures I like although I don’t play a fantasy TTG at the moment.

    Those buys can make up to 50% of my spendings. And I am certainly not alone in this ‘lead hoarding behaviour’ (at least in my TT community).

    In short: Shouldn’t there be a choice for ‘miniature collection / painting only’ in this poll, just to see how much is actually “diverted” to non-gaming-but-still-hobby-related buys?

    • Robert

      Why does it matter the reason you bought it? You bought it, the line received support, etc.

      By the same token it’s like buying game books that I read and don’t play games with.

      Or heck – I buy a lot of game books that just SIT ON THE SHELF and never get read, despite me lying to myself about it….

  • neldoreth

    If you could list ranks that would be helpful for me πŸ™‚ It’s not too big of a deal, but it might be nice πŸ™‚ This is a pretty cool deal you have going to be honest, and I appreciate it!

    • Zac

      Not sure what you mean by ranks.

  • Zaxon

    Is it wrong that most of my tabletop gaming dollars in December went towards out-of-production Confrontation models? I feel like I am a few years too late…