TGN December 2010 gaming and purchasing poll

By tgn_admin
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Jan 14th, 2011

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money.

To that end we have two polls. The first asks what games you played and the second asks what games you spent your money on.

Both polls cover December 2010.

  • Bobaxur

    What about Space Hulk, friends ?
    Also, the game we mostly played during 2010 turns out to be … Realms of Chaos ! XD

  • widgren

    i want to be able to log more than four games in these polls. the limit is konstructed and constrictive.

    • Zac

      What browser are you using? The site does report an error when you attempt to vote more often than the limit.

      • widgren

        im using fire fox. the limit im talking about is the “four games a month” limit. i tend to buy stuff for a lot of games

  • Also, I bought some 6mm sci-fi tanks, but I don’t know what rules we will be using yet. Glad to see Confrontation 3 is still there

  • Robert

    Hey Zac-

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting these polls. I appreciate getting to see what people are buying and playing.

    (I know you get a LOT of complaints about the polls, and people unhappy that product/line X is missing, and I’m sure it’s an aggravation – so I thought it was right and proper that you heard the positive side)