TGN Chat: Comments and legal news

TGN Chat

An interesting email was sent along to me today and I thought I would repost it and see what other people thought.

I’ve just been reading over the Battlefoam/Outrider discussion and it left me wondering whether this kind of story is even worth reporting by TGN. (Or worth having the comments open on).

As soon as anything related to copyright, C&Ds or court proceedings is reported it seems that the comments are flooded by partisans.

Perhaps it’s a topic that you simply put a short notice on, like you did with the Battlefoam story (e.g. this is happening) and then put a link to TGN chat and keep comments off on the main site.

The flood of comments that are unrelated to hobby and game related releases is a little annoying in my humble opinion.

(The comments more than the actual stories pull me in to look at minis on many occasions).

So what do people think? Should we cover this sort of news? And if we do should we move comments offsite to TGN Talk?