TGN Blog Network looking for blogs

One of the things I am attempting to finish in my spare time is a new wargaming blog aggregation site. The basic premise is that the site scours RSS feeds from various blogs, pops them into a single site and allows you to search the posts and search for specific types of content. If you are familiar with the Iron Agenda blog network then this is a very similar idea but with a much wider scope and a much, much simpler design.

I am still working on the layout and design of the site but here is a teaser. Update: I’ve posted a more recent version of the layout

TGN Blog Network layout
TGN Blog Network layout

What I would like from people are some suggestions of blogs to use as an initial test of the system. I am looking for 20 – 30 blogs that I can add to the TGN Blog Network while the site gets a test. The only requirements are that the blogs are updated on a fairly regular basis and have an RSS feed. Please try to suggest sites other than your own. Try to think of sites that you yourself read on a regular basis.

Please feel free to post your suggestions for blogs and comments on the mockup design. Please remember that the barebones nature of this design is very deliberate. I want people to focus on the content and not on the design.