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TGN 2011 Fundraiser aims

Tabletop Gaming News is in the lucky position that our hosting costs are covered by Battlefront. They have quite generously put up the fees for TGN to run on a dedicated server and the site could simply not run without this and JP at Battlefront has never asked for anything in return for this hosting.

Over the years running the site has generated some long-term debts (the last trip to GenCon, some audio and video equipment for interviews, a replacement laptop etc) that I hope to repay so that the money being used to service that debt can be put to generating more content for the site and also generating an ongoing surplus to help fund the site as it expands. And that is why I am attempting to raise funds for the site.

In the past I have also used my own travel funds to go to GenCon and it has been the lack of those funds (due to some emergency trips and our current move to Calgary) that have stopped me from attending the show these past few years. So one main aim of this fundraiser is to create a pool of funds that can be used to send myself and possibly another reporter to Gen Con in 2012 and beyond to cover the event.

Another primary issue is to find, and pay, people to post news on the site to free me up to perform other tasks such as a redesign, site server maintenance and other duties. While I might not be able to make more time for the site I can certainly try to build more time by reducing the amount of news that I personally have to post. This has been an ongoing issue with the site for some time but it has become even more problematic in the last few months as the amount of news being submitted has spiked and I find that I am often posting news well into the evening. There has been a long-term plan to revamp the site and the navigation to make it easier to find content but this has been on hold and it will remain so until I can create time to finish the project.

Now while I can assume that there are people willing to volunteer to post news I suspect that there are few people that are willing to post to my rather fussy specifications and also post as frequently as I do for free. I also suspect that making news posting a position that comes with some sort of monetary renumeration will help ensure a consistent flow of news. Finally there needs to be some ongoing renumeration for Grant and the other reviewers to not only reward Grant for his years of hard work but also to again make sure that we can continue to bring in new content.

So the aims of the fundraiser are:
  • Pay off long-term debt to put revenue into content generation

  • Build a fund to help send reporters to events such as GenCon

  • Build a fund to pay for new content

  • Help pay for people to help post news on the site

In general I would like to be able to take the monthly ad revenue from the site and pay for people to help run TGN but also to stockpile funds to allow the site more economic flexibility and also to eventually expand the content we have available.

Your help in this endeavour is greatly appreciated.