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TGN 2011 Fundraiser

This month was a highpoint for TGN in terms of traffic (over half a million page views), unique visitors (69,000) and even in terms of news items post (140 a week on average). Tabletop Gaming News is primarily a two-person operation with Grant Hill handling our reviews and myself handling the news posting and other duties. Both Grant and myself are, in our real lives, quite busy. Grant has a PhD in Chemistry and is working at establishing himself in the academic world (and also has a young child and wife) and I spend most of my time herding my posse of twin three year old girls. A job that never seems to run out of new challenges :-)

While this is a somewhat workable solution in terms of keeping TGN running in the manner that it currently does it means that there is not a lot of time to expand TGN, update it based on reader feedback and also to expand the news sources on the site. To that end I am starting a fundraiser to raise funds to help expand TGN, expand the content on the site and also to allow us to pay for people to help bring content to the site. But we're not just asking our readership to help us build funds to expand the site we also have, thanks to the generosity of some of the companies in the industry, a rather rich cache of goodies to give out to contributors as prizes.

There is a longer description of the aims of the fundraiser available but I suspect that people might be more interested in the details of the goodies we have to give away as part of the fundraiser.

Every person who donates will be entered into a draw to win one of the packages provided by our sponsors who have very graciously provided products to help with this fundraiser. And just what do we have available?

  • Grindhouse Games will give one lucky donor a full Incursion set including the Incursion core game, the SNAFU expansion and an Allied and German miniature starter set

  • Corvus Belli have donated three Infinity starter sets including a rulebook and the winner's choice of two Infinity starter sets

  • Secret Weapon Miniatures have provided two $50 gift vouchers and is also giving every donor a 20% off code for use in their online store

  • Warlord Games will give one random donor a copy of their Hail Caesar! rules and two plastic boxes of the donor's choice

  • Mantic Games are offering a $30 US and $50US voucher to their online store as well as a goodie bag of tools

  • Spartan Games is offering the grand-prize - one of every boxed fleet they offer. That is 22 Spartan boxed fleets for one lucky donor

  • Dark Age Game are offering four prizes including three copies of their Dark Age Apocalypse rules and one prize set with the Dark Age Apocalypse rules and Forcelist book.

  • Brigade Models will be giving one donor an Aeronef starter set of their choice

  • Tor Gaming are offering each donor a 15% off coupon for use in their online store and one donor will win their choice of two Relics starter sets

  • Wargaming Trader is offering two £15 vouchers for use on their online store

  • Collins Epic Wargames is offering a signed copy of their Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 game

  • Mannikin Studios is offering one donor all four present releases from Mannikin Studios: Rip Van Winkle, Bylot, Father Christmas, and Grimm's Cat.

  • Ambush Alley Games is offering a signed copy of Force on Force and Road to Baghdad

  • Hydra Miniatures is offering a War Rocket rulebook and Squadron Box of the donor's choice

  • Darkson Designs has offered a package consisting of their three AE-WWII books and their AE Bounty sci-fi rules

  • Outrider Hobbies have offered three gift certificates to their online store - two $25 gift certificates and one $50 certificate

  • West Wind Productions are providing a Secrets of the Third Reich starter package with the SoTR New Player Edition Rules (Includes SoTR main rulebook and Doomsday Supplement) plus a SoTR German and Russian Starter Set

  • Red Box Games are offering two $50.00 store vouchers good for any in print Red Box Games figures

  • Impact! Miniatures have kindly donated several new and upcoming releases - Forceball card game, Passing Shot dice game, Dungers Derby the Board Game, Golf Dice game, Roller Derby miniatures team with all head sets and A Band of Orcs miniatures band

  • Pulp Monsters will give one lucky donor a prototype of their monstrous 6 inch resin multi-part Pulp Monster set.

  • Dragon Forge Design are offering five $50 vouchers good for their resin bases and accessories

  • Freebooter Miniatures have kindly offered two complete starter sets for Freebooter's Fate consisting of a rulebook, a pack of playing cards and one crew miniatures starter box each

  • Ainsty Castings is offering four £50 vouchers for use on their online store.

  • Fat Dragon Games is offering five donors their choice of three terrain or model sets from their catalogue

  • Creative Gamescapes is offering five sets of their Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain

  • Capitan Games is offering one donor their choice of an English or Spanish language printed game from their catalogue

  • Micro Art Studio is offering four €50 vouchers for use in their online store

  • KR Multicase are offering a donor one of their backpack storage systems including trays for 400 28mm troops

  • Nameless Design Miniatures are donating one of each of their miniatures - the Giant Deep One and Graveyard John

  • Soda Pop Miniatures is offering one of each of their large Relic Knight models - Princess Malya, Sebastian Cross, One Shot, Calico Kate, and Kisa.

  • Cryptic Studios are offering several retail licences for their Star Trek Online computer game.

  • Chapterhouse Studios are offering three $25 vouchers for products from their online store

  • GCT Studios are donating four £25 vouchers redeemable at their online store for Bushido products

  • Unified Theory Games have donated two copies of their Vortex: Core Rulebook

  • Raging Swan Press are offering a PDF bundle of their Pathfinder RPG titles

  • On the Lamb Games are offering two $25 vouchers good for use on their online store

Fundraiser sponsors

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Grindhouse Games

Corvus Belli - Infinity

Spartan Games

Mantic Games

Warlord Games

Tor Gaming

Brigade Models

Dark Age Games

Wargaming Trader

Collins Epic Wargames

Mannikin Studios

Ambush Alley Games

Hydra Miniatures

Darkson Designs

Outrider Hobbies

West Wind Productions

Red Box Games

Impact! Miniatures

Pulp Monsters

Dragon Forge Design

Freebooter Miniatures

Ainsty Castings

Fat Dragon Games

Creative Gamescapes

Capitan Games

Micro Art Studio

KR Multicase

Nameless Design Miniatures

Soda Pop Miniatures

Cryptic Studios

Chapterhouse Studios

GCT Studios

Unified Theory Games

Raging Swan Press

On the Lamb Games