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TFP Games Website Update & New Releases

TFP Games Website Update & New Releases:

From their announcement:

TFP Games has relaunched a new website and has started a release of new gaming material.

The website is a completely new design, the previous forum software was regularly hacked and spammed so much we had to close it up. The new site is a WordPress development which allows me more time to work on content and less playing policeman and web plumber. It also allows me to keep you more regularly informed with a very nice interactive format. All up it is proving great for me and I hope it works for you all as well.

The offset of all this is that I can finally start releasing a whole bunch of new material for players. This to is taking a new format, each item is now released separately where previously I had intended to release compendium e-mags under the Tango Foxtrot Papa label.

The idea is to make things simple for me at this end, making small things well and more regularly is a lot easier and less daunting than making larger things well and less frequently. It also means less waiting time for customers who can cherry-pick what they want.

There is currently enough material to keep me releasing every week up til Xmas, so subscribe to the site and keep up to date.

New Products Released

The first releases have already started, there is a ACW battle study with scenario for 'Hoovers Gap', a small battle that created a legend larger than historical fact which we demystify. An in-depth study it gives a unique look into the 'real' battle.

Secondly there is two expansions for our STARPORT 3D5X5 board tiles series. The first expands the tiles and adds a great deal of internal 3D fittings to make that board look great like no other. The second adds a water cooling tunnels theme allowing you to add 24-tiles of watery fun with overhead gantry walkways. Really cool to play on.

So come check out the new web site, subscribe and stay up to date.

Regards, G