TFP Games release sci-fi terrain

TFP Games have a new sci-fi paper terrain release, Starport 3D5X5, and have also sent an update on the status of the company and their

Starport 3D5X5

From their announcement:

It has been a rather mixed two weeks. I finally got a break from work, my first full week of paid vacation in 14 years, and I spend 3 days in a rest home visiting my Grandmother. When I say in a rest home I am not kidding.

Having just returned from that the main PC packed a very unhappy sad on me and I had to start from scratch. The good news is that almost everything was up to date except the two latest projects on a backup harddrive I purchased 3 months ago, and now it has proven its weight in gold. I have managed to recover almost everything to near where I was at in a few days, most within 24hrs.

Starport 3D5X5 is the first of our card print & play terrain. It is an expansion of the terrain used in ‘The Gauntlet’ which we published under Edutainment Games. The rules used with it will be in the second Tango Foxtrot Papa available shortly.
This is a set of printable tiles and 3-D accessories to create the inside of a spaceship, starport or ‘base’.

There are 40 different tiles in this basic set, enough variety to build almost any layout you might want. Have a look at the preview file at our Wargames Vault store.

The amazing list of additional fittings and accessories include;

  • Basic internal doors and pressure doors.
  • Removable doors (remove the door from the door frame).
  • Larger removable doors 2 & 3 squares wide.
  • Ventilation tunnels.
  • Computer access terminals.
  • 3D Rubble and Debris.
  • Elevator Shafts & Doors plus Elevator Car Perfect for multi level games).
  • Storage Boxes and Containers.
  • Ladders and Hatches (to move up and down levels or use as entry/exit points).

They are based on 30mm squares arranged 5×5. For those requiring larger sizes they may be scaled when printed. Format is Letter size, A4 can be used without adjustment.

The tiles are different from many others available in that they have been designed with a full background image. This may use more ink/toner in the printing, but gives a far greater flexibility in the layout of the tiles which will quickly be appreciated. It has been designed to give maximum gaming flexibility and ease of construction and use.

This method also allows tiles to be modified by accessories to customise tiles. The background contributes to the look and feel, creating an atmosphere to enhance your games.

The set can be used to make many differing setups, further expansion sets are being released with more specialist rooms and tiles.

A slideshow showing construction techniques in action is available here. Browse this to see how simple it is to make and the variety of pieces available.

You can purchase this through our Wargames Vault store and soon from our TFP Games store.