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Texicon returns to Fort Worth

Texicon is on their way back to Forth Worth, Texas. Grab your minis and your stetsons and go play some games! Yeehaw!

From the release:

Texicon is returning to Cowtown this July 20th to 22nd in lovely Sundance Square, in the heart of Fort Worth Texas at the Norris Convention Center. Presently we’re looking for GM’s to run miniature war gaming event ranging from historical, scifi, and fantasy. We’d love to have you come and showcase your creativity. We have limited volunteering slots open for roleplaying, and board game events. We’re the largest multi-genre convention in the Metroplex that focuses on board gaming, miniatures, and roleplaying games. This year we’re located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth so we can provide our guests and volunteers with Fort Worth’s best amenities Sundance Square has to offer. Parking is free to all guests.

Please feel free to email us your interest in running a game at karl at texicon dot net or texiconwargaming at gmail dot com.