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Teutonic Infantry Preview from Fireforge Games

Fireforge Games gives us a preview look of their Teutonic infantry they've got in the works.

From the preview:

Here is a little preview of one of our two incoming heavy infantry plastic sets, Teutonic Infantry. Stay tuned for a preview of Templar Infantry too very soon.

The Teutonic Infantry set will allow you to build up to 24 Teutonic Sergeants miniatures or up to 12 heavy crossbowmen and/or up to 12 Dismounted Knights. Here is the details:

Heads - 10 different sergeant heads in two sections, 10 different teutonic knight heads and 4 bonus different heads for a total of 34 heads in the set.
Bodies - 9 different sculpetd infantry bodies in very dynamic and realistic poses.
Melee Weapons - 6 different right arms armed with spears, 2 with swords, 2 axes and 2 maces. Options for a 2h sword and a 2h axe as well as musician arm and standard bearer arm. Considering all the weapon sections, you'll find a total of 12 spears, 4 swords, 4 axes, 4 maces, 2h sword and 2h axe.
Crossbow - 6 different sculpted couple of arms with crossbow. You can build up to 12 heavy foot crossbowmen from the set.
Cloaks - 8 different cloak types not attached to the bodies.
Shields - 4 different shield types and 4 different left arm poses not attached to the shields. There are 24 shields and left arms in the box.
Various - Sword scabbards and crossbow quivers not attached to the bodies as well as musician and standard bearer options.

Aimed release date is late February.