Test of Honour Expansion Sets Available For Pre-Order

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Apr 7th, 2017

Gamers love to be the first ones with the new items available for the games they play. Heck, they can get outright hostile if someone else gets their toy soldiers first. As such, Warlord Games is offering pre-orders on the first wave of expansion sets for Test of Honour, their far-Eastern skirmish miniatures game. So get your orders in now and get them as soon as possible.

From the website:

Each of the Test of Honour expansion sets is now available for pre-order. Prepare yourself as now is the time to take up arms!


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  • ZeeLobby

    Anyone play or demo this yet. I’d be curious to hear an opinion.

  • Mike James

    i bought the pre-order. Very happy I did. Simple rules with surprising depth and a a trong campaign system. Very interested to see if they go anywhere else with it.

    • DB

      Any chance for an informal review? 🙂 I’ve seen it, but haven’t taken the plunge.

      • Mike James


        Army construction if fairly straightforward, you must have a Samurai Hero, 0-2 additional Samurai, and at leas 1/3 of your points in commoners.

        All tests require 3 ‘hits’ with something cool at 5 hits. The dice have 1 X, 2 blank, 2 1 hit (sword icon) and 1 2 hit sides. Xs only matter if you manage to get more than your hits, but there is a fumble mechanic as well.

        The unit activation is I go, U go, but with a twist. there is enough action tokens in the bag for the total number of actions for all models (3 for hero, 2 for other Samurai, and 1 for commoners), but when you draw your token, it will be only usable for Samurai or Commoners. There are also 3 fate tokens. If you draw a fate token, you don’t get an action, but can assign a skill to one of your Samurai. The turn ends when all 3 fate tokens are pulled.

        This is the meat of the base game, in my opinion. If you are attacked, you must use an action to defend, and cannot defend if you are out of actions. Not being able to defend is not a death sentence, but you are at the mercy of your opponents dice. So going later in the turn is generally a better strategic option if you are in harm’s way, but wait too long and you might not be able to act.

        Warlord has managed to make everything matter. Every weapon is worth taking, every stat has a very important use, every unit (solo or unit of 3) has a reason to take them, and they managed to not make cavalry own the field (my primary complaint with Ronin)

        In short, its fun and fast, has the Samurai movie feel, because while highly unlikely, a single Samurai could conceivably cut down an entire squad by himself. He could also get swarmed by spear wielding Ashigaru in very short order.

        The skill system when applied in campaigns is also very strong and is the compelling reason to play as part of a long form game.

        Models are very good, essentially being the Wargames Factory models with some additional metal parts depending on kit.

        I tried to make this short but informative, and can answer any specific questions you have.

        • DB

          That sounds pretty good. I saw a lot of the minis in the shop, and they look good (as Warlord minis generally are), but I had no idea how large they wanted your mob to be.

          • Mike James

            Depends on points, but in prepping for our con games, I built 8 forces of 23 points. Works out to 6 (for all cavalry) to 16 ( 1 hero and the rest commoners). 10-14 seems to be the usual numbers at that points level.

          • DB

            That sounds pretty good, actually. That’s a decent skirmish.

          • Mike James

            It sure plays well. Keep in mind that you have the option to buy units of 3 commoners that act as one. It’s a very well designed system for that skirmish level game.