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Tesla vs. Edison from Artana to make North American debut at Gen Con 2015

I just paid my electric bill the other day. With this Atlanta heat, it put a small dent in my Gen Con spending budget. However, I still might have enough to pick up Tesla vs. Edison, the first game from Artana. They'll be at the show with a limited number of copies. So hopefully all of you reading this won't beat me to it. And yes, I realize I could've chosen to not post that they would be at the show, thus increasing my chances to get a copy of the game, but what sort of newsman would that make me?

Tesla Contents

In the game, players are investors during the time where the US didn't have electricity, and several different theories about the best way to implement country-wide electrocution (wait... that doesn't sound right...). Grow your company, research new technologies, stake claims on various projects, and even create advertising (or propaganda) campaigns to make sure that when people turn on their first ever light bulb in their homes, it's to you that they send their money at the end of the month.