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Tesla vs. Edison board game up on Kickstarter

Artana LLC is running a Kickstarter campaign for Tesla vs. Edison, their new board game. Players play as investors and must compete for electrical contracts across the US. By backing your chosen inventor, plus other scientists and visionaries of the era, will your company pave the way into the new century?
The campaign is already more than 4x funded, with still 21 days left to go on the clock.

From the campaign:

Tesla vs. Edison is a light-to-medium weight strategy game for 2-5 players. You are an investor who teams up and creates a company with one of the exciting, visionary inventors leading the nascent electric light and power industry of 1880s and 1890s America.

Your inventor, along with other famous people of the period that you hire as employees in your company, work together to claim electric projects across the United States, advance your company's technology, engage in propaganda wars with the other companies, and buy and sell stock from your and your competitors companies.

Tesla vs. Edison plays quickly and provides interesting decisions while telling the exciting story of the birth of electricity.