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Terrans Now Available For Shadows in the Void

I'd love to see humanity spread out to the stars. I mean, this planet is pretty awesome and all. I'm not gonna try and deny that. But, c'mon! There's a whole universe out there to explore! So I wish we could be like the Terrans in Shadows in the Void. They've got their huge spaceships and are out there. At least you can have tiny versions of them on your gaming table.

From the release:

Finally they are here! Terran Post-human Empire is third faction for Shadows in the Void and you can get its ships from Assault Publishing on-line store.

TPE spacecraft are very compact in design and differ in appearance from Confederacy fleet. Models are in 1/600 (3mm) scale.

From the game term of view it is very interesting squadron based on extremes: very well protected, but sluggish and armed with the finest missiles, but without any cannons. Their doctrine and special rules favour fighting in well set formations and focus on mutual spacecraft support instead of individual duels or hit-and-run tactic.