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Terran Titan Class Dreadnought preview

Spartan Games have posted images of the 3D sculpt for the Firestorm Armada Terran Titan Class Dreadnought. Titan Class Dreadnought From their website:
The Titan Class Dreadnought was an exciting project for me since Terran Razorthorn Battleship was one of my first designs and still one of my favourites so putting together it’s imposing bigger brother is a challenge I gladly accepted. The overall philosophy was to keep the forward angling shape along with similar lines of symmetry but to bulk the up the hull to give it an imposing girth. The whole ship borrows heavily from the natural progression of Terran designs over the course of their upgrades, using the heavy cruisers subtly curved hull to break up the panels and the three directional design of the Aegis Shield Cruiser, the Titan is therefore the culmination of the efforts of the Terran engineers responding to the escalating threats of the Storm Zone.