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Terrakami Games lauch low cost scenery range

Terrakami brings you scenery for less greenery.
Well, it sounded cool in my head anyway (which is actually killing me right now, so that might be part of it).


From the launch:

Terrakami Games is showing their new Low-Cost range, allowing you to bury your miniatures in cover. Sci-fi cargo boxes and containers for scenery or objective markers to fight for.

Cargo Boxes 30mm ---- 8 units--- 7.50 euros.
Cargo Boxes 25mm --- 12 units--- 9.50 euros
Cargo Boxes 40x20mm --- 10 units--- 9.50 euros

Low Cost Container M (100mm long) --- 2 units --- 5.80 euros
Low Cost Container L (150mm long) --- 2 units --- 7.80 euros