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Terrain Corner

There were some amazing-looking gaming tables at Gen Con. You, too, can have some great-looking gaming tables. And that's what this segment is all about. So let's just get right to it.

In this batch of terrain articles, we have: Building tiles for 6-28mm wargame projects on Indiegogo, Brigade Models - 15mm Accessory Release, New Doors and Windows Available from Tabletop-Art, Wargame-Model-Mods - Integrated wargame buildings Kickstarter, Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places 2, LaserCutCard new container set plus bundle deal, and New Items Available from Thomarillion.

Building tiles for 6-28mm wargame projects on Indiegogo

You need buildings for your tabletop games? There are DOZENS of options on the internet.

We would like to show you another method that enables you to turn any boxes found in your household into terrain.

So, next time you eat a yoghurt, keep the box! It might come handy...

Basically intended for 6mm scale, but it works perfectly for 10mm, 15mm and even 28mm.

Brigade Models - 15mm Accessory Release

15mm Accessories

Today we've added a collection of useful 15mm bits and pieces. We have
some barbed wire - non-lethal, with no spiky bits, but a good scale
representation. The new mini cargo container is the same design as our
existing ones, just smaller. As well as being handy for vehicles and
ground installations, the two radars types are designed to fit the
turret rings on most of our vehicles. And to finish things off, two
plain bases add to the options in our fireteam bases range.

SF15-923 – Mini Container – £1.50
SF15-925 – Large Radar (x2) – £3.00
SF15-926 – Small Radar (x2) – £1.50
SF15-927 – Barbed Wire (10m) – £4.00
SF15-928 – Plain Base – £0.50
SF15-929 – Large Plain Base – £0.60

New Doors and Windows Available from Tabletop-Art

The following components for 28-30mm terrain are now available:
Large gate 1, Doors Set 1, Doors Set 2, Windows Set 1, and Windows set 2.

Wargame-Model-Mods - Integrated wargame buildings Kickstarter

This is my first kickstarter and I am aim to bring something completely new to the wargaming scene.

I am combining simple electronics with laser cut buildings to bring new eye catching and unique terrain to your tables.

So head over to here to get the full picture and story

Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places 2

Wild Places 2

Explorer: Wild Places 2 is a set of printable battlemaps compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game.

Explorer: Wild Places 2 is a standalone set, comprising 8 10x12 battlemaps. Each tile depicts a different and unique wilderness area, idea for quick encounters when your party is exploring a hex, or travelling between cities and towns.

Humid Swamp: Flooded ground and thick foliage make travel difficult.
Shallow Falls: A set of small flat waterfalls, traversed by stepping stones.
High Falls: A waterfall high up, the water tumbling hundreds of feet to the ground below.
Riverside Cairn: An old and forgotten cairn burial mound sits beside a bend in a river
Forest Pond: A small pond sits in a forest clearing.
White Water Rapids: Water flows quickly through a small gorge, throwing up spray
Lakeside Path: A track runs past a peaceful lakeside
Foetid Bog: The air buzzing with flies, the ground is waterlogged and treacherous.

LaserCutCard new container set plus bundle deal

LaserCutCard have added a new container set to our collection – the “container box” set. This is effectively two of our standard containers, side by side.
This completes our Core Container range, which comprises set of 3 standard single containers, the “container stack” (two standard containers on top of one another) and now the “container box”.
The stack and box sets are $14.95 each and the standard set of 3 is only $15.95 but you can now get all three of these core sets in a single bundle for only $34.95 – saving 25%!

New Items Available from Thomarillion

Candle Holder

Thomarillion released a big candleholder, a set of nine barrels and four new sets of bases.