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Terrain Corner

This week, we are certain to see lots of awesome-looking terrain tables during Gen Con. If you want your table to look as good, you'll probably want to check out what sort of terrain is being offered up by various vendors. Conveniently, we've put all of those together in one place for you here online.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New 4Ground Parish Church & Accessories, Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for post-apocalyptic settings, New Terrain preview from ModelEarth, Pwork Releases the Lifeless Land Wargame Mat, and Angry Mojo Games July Releases Part 1: Wild West Terrain.

New 4Ground Parish Church & Accessories


Continuing our recent deluge of scenery releases and the added flavour it’s bringing to your battlefield, this week the guys from 4Ground dropped off a rather large parcel jam-packed with pre-painted laser-cut goodies!

With the Bolt Action Summer Offensive roaring ever onward, now is the time to pick up a table’s-worth of terrain to bring your games to life!

Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for post-apocalyptic settings

Urban Wasteland gaming mat

New gaming mat release! Urban Wasteland terrain mat is a perfect theme to suit post-apocalyptic and dystopian future settings. It is manufactured on premium class PVC or ultra-portable synthetic cloth and fits 4x6, 4x4 or 3x3 size tables. However any custom size or additional grids or hexes are available as custom prints in just a few days. Check them out at our website but please handle with care and with constant awareness of Geiger counter readings.

New Terrain preview from ModelEarth

The next instalment of the Cretan/Minoan ruins are nearly ready for moulding. The ruined temple and fallen columns need a little more work but should be in rubber early next week.

Pwork Releases the Lifeless Land Wargame Mat

The Wargame Mat Lifeless Land is an ideal battle mat for fantasy and sci-fi wargames!
This new Wargame Mat represents a desolate planet, where the rocky terrain split by cracks is no longer able to sustain even the simplest life form. Rivers of toxic substances pass through this barren plain, whose steaming vapors create a poisonous fog that cloaks the whole landscape. Only the green luminescence of these substances provides light on this dark and inhospitable land ...
The high-quality PVC material and the stunning design make Lifeless Land a must-have accessory for the battles at your favorite wargames!

Angry Mojo Games July Releases Part 1: Wild West Terrain

Angry Mojo Games has released some cool looking wild west terrain for their budget line. Check them out!