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Terrain Corner

It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. I actually love the rain. If there's one thing I'm annoyed at, it's that it wasn't raining yesterday where I could stop and appreciate it more, as opposed to, y'know, driving through it to and from work. Ah well, not everything is perfect in life. But we try where we can. Just like how we try and make our gaming tables look perfect. And that's what we're here to help with today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: Adventure Forge 3D Map Maker Up On Kickstarter, Heroic Maps - The Lich's Lair Now Available, Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls and NoLands Comics at Essen, and Battlefront Offering Free Gaming Mats to Gaming Clubs.

Adventure Forge 3D Map Maker Up On Kickstarter

The Adventure Forge is a 3D map making tool built in Unreal Engine 4 and designed to run on PC. With this tool, you can build hexagon or square-tiled maps of various scales, fill them with props, weather, lights, and characters, and then lead your gaming group on an adventure online or in your living room. It contains all of the necessary tools for a gamemaster to set the perfect mood for the story they want to tell!

Heroic Maps - The Lich's Lair Now Available

Esidore the Mage had been a likeable fellow, if a little eccentric. He had taken his studies very seriously, and in his home and workshop had amassed a considerable library of knowledge. He would spend hours studying and reading, but for him it was never enough. He would look around his library and see the hundreds of books he would never get round to reading. If only he had more time... That was when he began to research dark magic; dark magic that would preserve his soul, if not his body, giving him an eternity to learn. Now, centuries later, Esidore the Lich continues to collect arcane knowledge, sending out his undead minions to scour ruins for spells, and jealously guarding all he has.

A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.

Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting the underground lair of a Lich or evil wizard. The entrance hall is guarded by an arcane warding spell, and from there is a treasury and a long-abandoned living area. The library is stocked with hundreds of books, and leads to a workshop laboratory where the Lich conducts foul experiments. The summoning chamber is lit with eldritch magic, and joins the throne room. Behind the throne lies the crypt where the Lich sleeps, although who can say if his Phylactory is hidden there. A secret door in the crypt room allows the Lich to escape if needed.

Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls and NoLands Comics at Essen

We kept this a bit under wrap for weeks, but Manorhouse Workshop will be at the Essen Fair (26 October to 29 October)!

We will be presenting our Forgotten Halls project, so that you can see first hand our prototype and also some new exciting pieces that will be unveiled only at Essen!

Battlefront Offering Free Gaming Mats to Gaming Clubs

Sick of gaming on a tabletop at your favourite gaming club? Would you prefer to be moving your tanks round on one of our double sided grass/desert Gaming Mats?

We have a limited quantity to give away for free (yes, for free!) to clubs across the globe because games are always more fun on a nice table.

All people have to do is send our offices an email with the details of your club (name, location, number of members and website if you have one) and we will see what we can do.