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Terrain Corner

Four years ago, on this date, I made my first post on TGN. It was about Privateer Press' new Plastic Warpwolf Kit. There've been a lot of changes since that post. For starters, I went from being part-time to full-time and moving (back) down to Atlanta. Since that day, I've made 21,050 posts (and counting, obviously). I just wanted to take a moment to thank all if you, the readers, who have made it so I can do what I do.

Ok. Mushy stuff aside. It's time to make your gaming table look as good as possible with our Terrain Corner spot.

Today's stories include: Heroic Maps release Ruins of Trostenhal, Escenografia Epsilon Work in progress: French House 15mm, and Sally 4th Normandy Kickstarter - 7 Days Remaining.

Heroic Maps release Ruins of Trostenhal


Long ago the Dwarves of Trostenhal were famous throughout the Fourteen Kingdoms as smiths, weaponmasters and runemages. People travelled to the grand hold of Trostenhal and the trade made the Dwarves wealthy and respected. What happened to ruin this is unclear - the scribes still struggle to piece together the accounts - but what is clear is that a huge cataclysm shook the mountain and destroyed Trostenhal, allowing the ice and frost to claim the ruined hold for it's own. Now only rubble and snow fill the lonely corridors, and perhaps the ghosts of those that lived and died there.

Escenografia Epsilon Work in progress: French House 15mm

Carlos Elias is working in two different pieces: French Houses. We show you the first photo to this model. We think will be available in few weeks. I hope that you like it!!

Sally 4th Normandy Kickstarter - 7 Days Remaining

Sally 4th's 28mm photo-realistic Normandy Terrain project finishes at 06:45 GMT on Tuesday 22nd December, so seven days remain to pre-order buildings at kick-starter discounts.

Our building range uses an innovative approach of combining solid 3mm MDF structures with photographic cover sheets, Perspex glazing and mounting board details to produce easy to assemble model building kits that look like the real thing.

The MDF structures provide a robust, light, warp-free core while the cover sheets hide the joints and edges often seen with MDF kits. Cover sheets are available as PDF files to print at home or as professionally printed hard copies. Building feature removable roofs, (with ruined roof options) and removable 1st floors.

Most buildings are supplied as kits for two buildings together with back yards with walling and out buildings, two terraced houses with outbuilding costs £27.