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Terrain Corner

Back to the daily grind here on Monday. I've brought in cookies and cheesecake to the office that I made over the weekend. I probably shouldn't have a whole cheesecake and 2 dozen cookies sitting at home. I'm already pushing my way out of "Gamer Medium" into "Gamer Large" as it is.

I wouldn't recommend trying to eat any of this terrain I'm about to tell you about, though. Best to just use it to enhance your gaming.

In this batch we've got: ModelEarth releases new Dungeon system, Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Temples, and GameCraft Miniatures releases 8 new brownstones.

ModelEarth releases new Dungeon system

Terrain at ModelEarth are pleased to announce the release of their modular dungeon floor system, suitable for any dungeon gaming system. Available in individual packs or as a Starter Pack to get you going

Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Temples

Roman Temples

As promised, we have more additions to the Roman buildings in our Small Scale Scenery range. They are all temples of varying sizes, ranging from the diminutive Temple of Vesta to the large and imposing Pantheon.

Perfect for combining with our existing Amphitheatre, theatre and town building sets, you could make an imposing 2mm scale Roman town. Use them as scenery for land battles, aircraft games or with ancient naval galleys.

SSS-8060 – The Pantheon – £6.00
SSS-8061 – Temple – £2.00
SSS-8062 – Temple of Vesta – £0.50

GameCraft Miniatures releases 8 new brownstones

Row house

GameCraft Miniatures releases 8 new townhomes in 2 different styles each for 28mm gaming. They have 3-4 story buildings. You can get all 8 versions with regular size basement levels or shorter half basements. They'll look great for pulp adventures, superheroes, near future and zombie gaming. Grab one or an entire block!