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Terrain Corner

It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. Of course, that means nobody's going anywhere on the streets and I'm thankful that I get into the office so darn early in the morning that I miss most of the madness. We'll see what the drive home is like, though.

I dunno, maybe I'll just hang around the office and play some games. On the topic of games, let's get you some new terrain to make your tables look the best they can.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New Frost Ruins Terrain Map From Heroic Maps, Brigade Models - New 6mm and 15mm Buildings, and the Final 9 days for the 15mm The Town Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority.

New Frost Ruins Terrain Map From Heroic Maps

Frost Ruins

The blasted frozen wastes of a ruined city. The walls and towers are no more; the only evidence of this once mighty settlement is cracked and worn stone beneath the ice.

Normandy photo-realistic 28mm terrain On Kickstarter

The aim of this project is to design and manufacture a set of kits for the Normandy campaign in 28mm using our photo-realistic design concept. This combines a simple, robust and quick to build 3mm MDF shell with a set of cover sheets, which have been designed, using photos of real stone & plaster textures and period detail such as road signs, posters and name boards. These are simply cut out and pasted onto the shell. Windows are glazed with Perspex glazing and coloured mounting board glazing bars, shutters and doors are added to complete the kits to a high standard. One of the great things about this approach is that it means that every model maker can produce a model that is as good as the models we have put together for our photographs because it is not dependent on a high level of artistic skill to paint and weather and blend. The video on our Kickstarter page shows the construction process.

Brigade Models - New 6mm and 15mm Buildings

We have two new releases today, one each in our 6mm and 15mm SF ranges.

In the smaller scale, we have some new dwellings in our Desert Domes range of 6mm buildings. These are simple structures built as housing for miners and colonists. There are four models that differ slightly in number and placement of doors and windows which will be supplied randomly when you order. We’ve also added two Desert Dome building packs, each with a mix of eight buildings from the range.

Our larger scale offering this week is a pack of Street Furniture compatible with our existing Desert Buildings. The pack contains a number of useful bits and pieces to bring life to your Martian village – stone benches, small planters, advertising hoardings, public communications terminals and a pair of useful booths.

B15-133 – Desert Street Furniture – £8.00
BP300-401 – Desert Domes pack #1 – £10.50
BP300-402 – Desert Domes pack #2 – £12.00
B300-411 – Small Dome Dwelling – £1.00

Final 9 days for the 15mm The Town Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority

Round Emplacements

We are funded and giving away some great stretch goals. Only 10 days to go for this kickstarter to go. We are doing great, but need to get some more excitment for you backers. As of today, all backers spending more than $100 are premium backers (was $250). This means that you are eligible for all stretch goals to be included with your pledge. Secondly, we are adding another set of items to the stretch goals for all premium backers. Each premium backer will get two of the DIR-036 Round emplacements with your your pledges.

So tell all your friends and gaming groups. Help us get the word out.