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Terrain Corner

Aaaaaand it's Monday and we're back in the office.
Hopefully your job isn't one where the above statement is a tragedy.
You can always reminisce about the gaming that occurred over the weekend. You did get some gaming in, right?

Hopefully you did. And hopefully if you were a minis gamer, you had some good terrain. If not (or if you just want to add to your terrain collection), we've got our Terrain Corner segment for you.

In this batch we have: New Chaos Terrain from Games Workshop, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: The Magpie, and Terrain at ModelEarth new releases.

New Chaos Terrain from Games Workshop

Battle Fortress

An immense fortress, visible for miles around, dominating the landscape of the realms like a cancerous sore, this fortress is an imposing example of the truer power of Chaos. Countless skulls adorn its surfaces, as the overwhelming numbers of murderous lunatics that dwell within lead nightly raids into the realms to claim more and more grisly trophies for the Blood God. Never has there been a more apt demonstration of just how corrupt these worlds have become...

Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: The Magpie

The Magpie

Contents: A small spacecraft, with a gritty, industrial feel. Areas include a bridge/cockpit, crew quarters and galley, engineering room and two cargo bays.

Uses: The Magpie could be the spaceship used by your team of adventurers, travelling between planets and avoiding the vessels of an aggressive empire, or a small privateer vessel or smuggler ship.

Terrain at ModelEarth new releases

After a few weeks battling the heat and humidity in an effort to meet our contract casting obligations we have managed to eek out a few hours to throw some rubber and resin for our own projects. So…

We are finally pleased to announce the release of the next parts of our Minoan scenery range – The Ruined Minoan Temple and The Fallen Columns.