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Terrain Corner

Monday, Monday. (ba-la, ba-la-la-laa)
Hopefully you had yourself a good weekend. It was rather busy for me. Lotsa gaming. Lotsa laughs. Lotsa pizza and Dew (because, you know, gamers). Heck, there was even The Gamers.

But that is the past. The present is a new Terrain Corner post, where we gather together the various terrain stories we've gotten in the past couple days and bundle them together for you.

This batch we have: Happy Seppuku has started the presale of the Your Board System, New Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Wardenhale Sewers, Final Days for Pedion Modular Terrain on Kickstarter, No customs fees for EU, US, and Australian backers of Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter, New Heroic Maps - The Altar of Tenoch, and Pwork release new wargame mats.

Happy Seppuku has started the presale of the Your Board System


Happy Seppuku Model Works is excited to announce the upcoming public release of the YOUR BOARD SYSTEM starting with the Main Tile Mould on PRESALE NOW! Along with the YOUR BOARD Main Tile Mould the four new texture stamps created during our last Kickstarter are also available for PRESALE. All of these are set for release July 15th 2015.

The YOUR BOARD SYSTEM is designed specifically for the gaming and model making hobby. With the main tile mould you can create professional looking gaming tiles, terrain, or dioramas using oven safe polymer clay you can find at your local craft store. It includes a base mould consisting of a 6”x6” half inch gridded area and a set of square plugs that lock into the base mould allowing you to create your own shapes for moulding your tiles. Simply lay out your plugs, fill and smooth in some clay, add some texture, use the guides on the mould to add a grid, and bake! Create a whole dungeon in a day for just a few dollars per square foot!

New Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Wardenhale Sewers


Wardenhale Sewers is a printable dungeon floorplan compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

Wardenhale Docks is a geomorphic set, comprising 8 10x10 square battlemaps and 5 5x10 rectangular end-piece battlemaps which can be arranged in multiple layouts. Whilst most of the tiles depict an underground sewer system, one tile depicts the sewer entrance on the surface, and fits with the other Wardenhale city tiles. The 5 end-piece battlemaps are ideal for giving a natural edge to a geomorphic tile.

The set can be used on it's own, or joined with any of the Wardenhale range to make a huge and diverse city.

Final Days for Pedion Modular Terrain on Kickstarter


The Pedion Kickstarter campaign managed to reach the £25000 pledge sum, unlocking the Pond/OxbowLake/Marsh Tiles!

Now, it is the last four (4) days of the campaign. So, if you were planing on pledging, now is the time!

Backers will a) pay less that the retail prices, both for tile sets and for the subscription service, b) get free stuff like trees, walls etc, c) receive their sets much sooner and d)help Pedion become even better.

Check the two new tile types, the Pond (small lake) Tile and the Widening River Tile; both tiles can be converted to include marshland!

The Next Stretch Goal is "SciFi Themes and Crater Tile types"
When we reach £28000, two new variations become available, both more suitable to a Science Fiction setting: the "Red Planet" and the "Grey Wastes". These new variations will also unlock a new type of Tile: the Crater tile.

No customs fees for EU, US, and Australian backers of Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter


It is official! Our project is now EU, US and Australia Friendly!

Next item on the list is minimizing shipping costs to Canada and Asia.

New Heroic Maps - The Altar of Tenoch


A 20 x 20 cave map depicting an lava cave and a shrine. Featuring magma, boiling lava, statues, chains and carvings - it's the ideal location for demons, fire elementals, dragons and other encounters. It's also ideal as a temple for an evil cult, lava golems or a magic summoning chamber.

Pwork release new wargame mats

Pwork Wargames new release is the terrific Woodland Mat, the great Highway to Hell, and the burning War Sand!

Thank you all and never stop playing!