Terrain company for sale

By tgn_admin
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Mar 10th, 2011

Basement Battle Scenery is for sale.

Ruins set

From their announcement:

The company shows promise and needs a passionate individual willing to move it forward. I’m selling this hobby business because I believe that there is someone out there who will make it into something even greater than I initially imagined. The company assets were developed over a 7 year period. A lot of hard work and passion brought it to life and sustained it during that period.

  • antenociti

    All i could see on the website was sand, gravel and 4 ruins made from styrofoam, is there some other parts to this ‘company’ that i’m missing?

    • haywire

      They had some tiled bases too… I wish they said more of what you are getting? Are you getting molds, are you getting rights to the gravel… etc?

      • haywire

        nevermind, I should probably actually read the bottom

        • haywire

          You are buying his “business” more than you are buying a viable product line. Out of all the things he is offering the rock with the Inquisitor symbol on it is the only thing I find interesting, but also up for GW lawyer hounds to cancel.

      • antenociti

        i think they would struggle trying to sell you the “rights” to either sand or gravel ;-0

  • The terrain itself is generic enough to be able to be used with many games — The website is functional and ready to start accepting money — is this a deal for a company that has an existing dynamic terrain line already — not really but a small company looking to move into terrain production or expand the scope of product it has it is not a bad deal.