Terragnosis unveils plans for Sulphur, a sci-fi minis game

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 1st, 2013

Terragnosis has announced their new project, Sulphur, a sci-fi minis game.

From the announcement:

For a couple of years now, behind the scenes – Terragnosis have been developing a new 32mm sci-fi skirmish game featuring a range of junkyard vehicles, menacing mutants and scary scavengers. This project will be launched with the help of Kickstarter and hopefully some enthusiastic backers. Follow the link here and check the gallery of images.

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  • BaconSlayer

    How does development take two years when a LOT of the concepts have been cribbed from Borderlands 2?

  • blkdymnd

    Post apocalypse is starting to dry up in interest for me, model concepts look neat, but there’s a million post apoc games on the market. Going to be tough to make yourself look unique.

    • Soulfinger

      Then you’ll love my Post-Post Apocalyptic Game. It’s about the aftermath of the aftermath of the apocalypse once people have gotten past the whole Wasteland Punk thing and moved on to Dystopian Disco. Everything is very clean and well-maintained, and most battles are fought over the limited supply of vacuum filters and furniture polish. Also, everything is on fire.

      • Gallahad


        This is crazy, but I would actually be very interested in a post-post apocalyptic game. Manufacturing on the rise, societies and governments starting to re-form, piercings and tattoos on the decline, mohawks finally going out of fashion…. Art Deco post-post apocalypse anyone?

        Gallops off to scribble in homebrew design notebook

        • Soulfinger

          I want to play the sixty year old guy who the kids laugh at because he still sports his purple mohawk and Road Warrior assless chaps. “Hey gramps! Nice sledgehammer! Fight any desperate battles in a post apocalyptic wasteland lately? Lolz!” Gasoline is like $1.76 a gallon, and my guy is still trying to pay for stuff with bottlecaps. Nobody serves a decent rat on a stick anymore. Guns are strictly regulated. People are using trash can lids as trash can lids instead of improvised shields. My guy is all pissed off because he’s a total bigot and they just elected the first mutant president. Water is clean and readily available, and old-timers like my guy have developed a fetish for drinking their own urine after all those years of desperately seeking out potable water. Also . . . everything is on fire.

          • hihi 🙂 I am amused sir.

          • KelRiever

            That 60 year old guy is awesome. There needs to be a whole miniature game just about him.

          • estrus

            Whenever you go off like this, it’s always highly amusing. 8p

          • Ghool

            You’re the most entertaining thing on this site. Somebody throw some money at Soulfinger.

          • Soulfinger

            Thanks guys. You . . . make me . . . want to be a better man. *sniff*

          • cybogoblin

            But if you were ‘better man’ you might not be as funny.

  • Gubbinz

    This was excellent; you just made my morning.

    Someone give this guy a job.

    • Gubbinz

      Also, that was directed at Soulfinger; sigh.