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Terragnosis to close their Sulphur Kickstarter campaign

Terragnosis will be cancelling their Sulphur Kickstarter campaign on the 4th, citing a lull in pledges.


From the announcement:

Well it seems that for what ever reasons this kickstarter has stalled.. We had high hopes for this, but alas its not going to happen the way we wished. So from Monday 4th we will close the kickstarter..

For those of you who have backed us, clearly you are interested, so here is the plan... We will be releasing all these products, with or without the kickstarter. It will take longer to get them out there without the initial cash input, but it is our intention to release them anyway...

If you are a backer at the time the kickstarter ends you will receive a 20% off voucher to use in our online store. You can use it on anything, including our ruination game and figures, but we hope you will use it on our first Sulphur releases to help pave the way for more sulphur goodies.