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Terragnosis posts up new WIPs for Ruination

Terragnosis has some more 3D renders up for Ruination.

From the update:

Hope you like fantasy babes!

Yeah I know, fantasy babe, halter-neck, hardly fighting garb... so lets hope she's good with that shield! There will be fully armoured figures. Honest gov. I'm also working on an armoured Cleric in ¾ plate, but he's just not in a state to show off.

This was one of my first figures I sculpted digitally about 3 years ago, though she's getting a good re-detailing for Ruination. Pretty much all the details have been emphasised so they stand out better after casting. The shield and armour will be more weathered and scratched and the hair still needs a lot of work. However another 4-5 hours work and she will be good to go.