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Terragnosis launches Sulphur Kickstarter campaign

Terragnosis has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Sulphur, their new 28mm sci-fi miniatures game.


From the campaign:

Across the decaying husk of a once vibrant world the battle rages. Desperate survivors strive to scavenge an existence from the hellish ruins that surround them. Battle-wagons constructed from scrap, spare-parts and a prayer to the savage gods go to war against aliens, demons and power-mad mutants!

Sulphur is an exhilarating game of futuristic table-top combat using 32mm vehicles and miniatures where players can design their own vehicles and match their forces to suit their own style of fighting. Challenge your opponents, create a force to exploit their weaknesses and be ready to exact revenge when they find yours first!

All models in this kickstarter will be hand cast in a fine detail Urethane resin.