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Terminator: Genisys Reinforcements Now Available From Warlord Games

Two non-Napoleonic stories from Warlord? Who knew it could be so!
Well, they'll be back with one tomorrow. So don't worry too much.
This time they're adding reinforcements to your Terminator Genisys collection. The main box is available (check out our unboxing here). Now they have a box of Endoskeletons, Resistance Soldiers, extra Dice, and the Rulebook available separately.

Note: in the photos above that the figures come unassembled and unpainted. Those are the studio versions to inspire you to paint your figures, if you so choose.

Disclaimer aside, the Endoskeleton box set increases your human-killing potential with 8 more full Terminators as well as 4 Crawlers (tenacous things, Terminators). On the other side of the equation, to increase your Terminator-killing (deactivating?) potential, the Resistance Soldiers box comes with 16 soldiers with various weapons with which to make sure humanity survives this terrible war. But since this is a game, after all, you'll need implements with which to play it. That's where the Dice Pack and the Rulebook come in. If you want to check out the game before you buy the full box, you can just get the rule book. As for the dice... they're dice. Though you do get the Fate die, integral to playing any game of Terminator: Genisys. Now you won't have to share Fate dice if you don't want to.