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Tercio Creativo launches Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign

Tercio Creativo has launched their next Indiegogo campaign. This one is to fund their new book, Dies Irae.

From the campaign:

Once more, you could become a patron of one the four main factions and hire a band of duelists (represented by our 35mm miniatures) for doing some... “work” for you and your faction in order to accumulate enough power to choose the new king of Iberia and start the defense of El Purgatorio or the conquest of the north against the Gauls.

Having printed the rulebook of 1650, A Capa y Espada with your help (thanks ;]), we want this game to become a whole new universe of adventures and very detailed conflicts, spanning the most essential aspects of guerrilla warfare of 1650, A Capa y Espada with more bands and detailed information about conflict zones with their sociopolitical and military situation...All these things will increase your gaming experience. For this, we want to print the first expansion books of 1650: Dies Irae. Also, we want to start releasing the new Gaul Vanguard of the Usurper faction, and the new material presented in those expansion books.