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Templecon Privateer Press panel details

The PrivateerEvents twitter feed posted some Hordes and Warmachine details revealed at the Templecon Privateer Press panel
IK RPG news will be released at Lock and Load. It is currently in development. Searforge will be getting new stuff and will be explored but no specific timing. By end of 2012 there "may" be another Rhulic warcaster. Wrath will have 6 warcasters. Increased exposure to Zul coming up in fiction. Character jacks/beasts will continue having upgrade kits. But full kits are still possible. Wrath has another set of new character jacks.
Domination is a parallel to Wrath. Integrates ideas from a couple years of work. Currently working on anthology books for 2012. Domination news: 10 new warlocks. 4 epics, 4 normal, 2 minions. Battle engines (some "hungry"). New character warbeasts. Lock and Load will have activities unavailable anywhere else with PP staff on hand. Simon is working on enhancing the forums so that game clubs can communicate better. Blogs on community building will come this year. Jen is OK to have an area shared between PGs so they can take breaks and trade off tourneys. Email her to discuss with your interest. You can run events without being a PG, but new PGs are still welcome. Just be patient with the app process (can take up to 3-6 months). Game clubs without stores can now buy league kits. New league format offers a patch for each participant. Retribution will have first major fiction expansion in almost 2 years. Very excited time for them. Whole story cycle begins in Wrath. External playtest process has been strengthened and Wrath with reflect this development. Storyline will explore new areas. Some ideas in Wrath are 7+ years old. New casters, new jacks. Retribution gets a time mage caster from House Shyre.