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Templecon 2013 ... with Grant Garvin!

We have a chance to talk to Grant Garvin, convention director of Templecon, here at the show and we wanted to get his opinion on a couple of things.

TGN: Hi Grant, how has the show been for you?

GG: It's been amazing. It's considerably larger than last year. The feedback from the floor has been great. We haven't gotten the actual numbers yet, but we are definitely up; there are a lot more people around and this boost came from some things we expected and some things we didn't really expect.

TGN: Hmm...from what sources didn't you expect the population spike?

GG: We always have the main events; the constants. We always know the big crowds will come from Warmachine and the 40k players. This year though, it is the little games that have been doing so much better than before. Those events have had more people in them than ever before. For me, having to find more tables for events like the Dark Age tournament has been a great sign.

TGN: What takes up the majority of your focus while the convention is going on?

GG: Putting out fires. I'm the guy, when an issue gets elevated to me. I have to personally have to take care of things when they escalate like that. As we've grown, we've put together an awesome staff that makes it all happen day to day, but I still take care of everything they cannot. Some years in the past I didn't think I'd survive. That's my role just during the event. Before, in the months leading up to the show, I am responsible for the graphic design, the organization, and planning all the stuff leading up to the show.

TGN: Do you play any games?

GG: I wish I could get the chance to. There was a time I'd bring my gaming stuff to try and get a game in here and there, but after so many years where I just haven't had the time, I stopped trying and focused on the show itself. I love walking by the rooms and tables and seeing the games being played; but there is just too much to do. You never know, one day it might happen.

TGN: I won't keep you, but I do want you to impart your wisdom to any readers looking to come out to Templecon next year...

GG: One thing I'd like to say, is that if you haven't been to Templecon... this is not the kind of con you're used to. Templecon is not like anything you've ever seen before. We are making it bigger and better each year; adding new events and more people and all the great things people have come to enjoy at Templecon. With Templecon in the future, you should always be prepared for a surprise.

... head on over to the Templecon homepage and start preparing now for next year, because Grant is going to be sure to make it something to marvel upon!