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Templecon 2013 ... What a Great Show!

As we approach the final hours of the Templecon 2013 gaming convention here in Rhode Island, we want to tell everyone what a great show it has been and go over some of the highlights we have seen for ourselves and heard from our sources throughout the convention.

This convention is unlike any other, as it is a steampunk-driven theme show filled with a healthy mix of costumed attendees and devoted gamers looking to spend the last three days enjoying themselves in a variety of ways. As you walk the halls you see hurried Privateer Press gamers shuffling to and from their numerous events, trays full of models - some exquisitely painted - in hand; you see a large number of Cool Mini or Not's volunteers, the Legion, running demonstrations throughout the gaming hall; you might also run into a variety of unbelievable and fantastic cosplay enthusiasts decorated in a kaleidoscopic collection of gears, lenses, tubes and mysterious devices. Simply put...this convention is triple-distilled fun.

As for the gaming section of the halls, Privateer Press holds a *huge* amount of events and open play across the three days; with a ballroom full of tables and their standard array of jam-packed tournaments. There were *a lot* of Colossals and Gargantuans running amok on the tables we could see, and more than a few gorgeously painted examples of the hobby aspect of the Warmachine/Hordes community.

Speaking of Privateer Press, wow did they have some great announcements to make at their keynote presentation on Friday morning. They showed the world some initial looks at their expansion product in the Level 7 license, Omega Protocol; where a team of military strike soldiers hit the facility to exterminate the vile aliens. They moved on to explain their organized play and tournament circuit, including the brand new global super-hardcore tournament circuit - the Iron Gauntlet. Iron Gauntlet officially kicks off at Privateer's 2013 Lock and Load gaming event, with the first actual Global Iron Gauntlet Finals taking place at Lock and Load 2014. They then took a few minutes to show some cards from their upcoming High Command deck-building card game, obviously set in their Iron Kingdoms setting. Lastly, and probably most importantly to Privateer's fan-base, the announcement of Warmachine's new faction - the Convergence of Cyriss. A clockwork/robotic faction full of Focus-jumping tricks and interesting 'jack-like "Vectors", the Convergence has some really cool models in the preview shots and already promises to bring a new play style to Warmachine/Hordes.

Elsewhere in the halls we have seen massive games of Dystopian Wars being played, a full team-tournament of Warhammer 40,000 spanning all day Saturday, and demo tables of great games like Dropzone Commander, Brushfire and MERCS. There are pick-up games all over the halls, and more than a few attractive tables full of well-painted miniatures and cleverly crafted terrain. It is a great place for gaming, and we have really enjoyed ourselves.

...and board games? Whoa! The board games being played around the clock including Zombicide, Super Dungeon Explore, Sedition Wars and LOTS of the rapidly-closing-on-Kickstarter... Rivet Wars. These games have been played on the Cool Mini or Not tables pretty much around the clock, and we have seen some very promising reviews on what they've seen!

We will be doing more looks and talks with people from the Templecon floor as the day stay tuned!!!