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Temple of the Dark Sun Contest Running Now

Secret Weapon Miniatures and Dark Art Miniatures (Secrets of the Dark Art Weapons Miniatures?) are running themselves a little contest. They are looking to promote the possibilities of the Malice RPG line by giving you a chance to win some terrain. Everyone likes terrain. All you have to do is write a little story.

The scene you see in the featured image is where you'll be working from. There's a little bit of a starter story over on the Secret Weapon Miniatures' Facebook page and your job is to simply finish it. Just don't make it more than about 1,500 words, since Mr. J. doesn't have time to read entire novels that you might send. You have until Midnight on the 1st of November to get your submissions done and turned in.

From there, finalists will be chosen for a second round, getting to see a new picture with which to continue their story.

Go check it out and good luck.