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Tecumseh and Tenskwawata now available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games continues their Native American line for Black Powder with the great Indian chief Tecumseh and prophet Tenskwawata.

From the release:

Tecumseh was raised in Ohio Country during the American War of Independence. During this conflict and the Northwest Indian War he was exposed to a near constant environment of war. As US forces pushed into the territory ceded to the indians by the British the Shawnee migrated further north west, settling in what is now Indiana, during the early 19th century.

Following his vision to develop an indepedent Indian nation under the protection of the British, Tecumseh recruited other tribes into what would ebcome known as tecumseh’s Confederacy.

Allying with the British during the war of 1812, Tecumseh’s Confederacy helped capture Fort Detroit before he was killed by the Americans at the Battle of the Thames in 1813. Tecumseh’s legacy was to implode as the British deseryed their Indian allies at the peace conference that ended the War of 1812 and as a result his Confederacy fell apart…

Despite this ultimate reversal of fortunes, Tecumseh was a visionary leader of the Shawnee tribe and has become a near mythical figure in American, Canadian and Indian folklore.