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Tectonic Craft Studios creates Dice Tower for Rivet Wars

Tectonic Craft Studios created a new Dice Tower specifically for Rivet Wars. They're in rather limited numbers, so go check it out now!

From the announcement:

Hey Guys,

We got together with our friends over at Tectonic Craft Studios to get an awesome dice tower designed and made. Dan makes some of the best looking laser cut terrain that we have ever seen so when people here started talking about wanting a cool dice tower, he was the logical choice.

Here's the deal, they are limiting the initial run to make sure there are no fulfillment issues (700) and they are available today! The towers will be shipped around when Rivet Wars is shipped (earlier most likely). You can order yours today here (link)

Note that these are being made and fulfilled by Tectonic Craft Studios, not Cool Mini or Not. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact them!