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Tectonic Craft Studios at Templecon 2013

Dan Cotrupe, owner and lead designer of Tectonic Crafts, stopped by to give us a few words about his Templecon 2013 experience.

TGN: Hey Dan! How has the show been treating you?

DC: The show has been absolutely awesome. The trays are moving well, the terrain has gotten a lot of exposure. The people I've been talking to have been great too; there has been a lot of future building at this show. The crowd's great, the show is great. There is a lot happening.

TGN: What has been your best seller?

DC: The tournament rack; it is pretty much a tournament tray, so it has done very well here. I'd have to take a look at the books, as that I've been doing a lot of business meeting rather than vending at the booth. The tokens and markers have been doing well. Out of the terrain, the defensive bunker sold the highest. We sold out Friday at noon.

TGN: What was you favorite aspect of the show?

DC: It is a good convention that anyone can go to. It caters to nerds; if you are a board gamer, a mini gamer, a card gamer... it's very friendly to all. It is very good for everybody who attends.

TGN: So I can let you get back to work, is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers?

DC: Uhm...nothing really inspirational. What is that about leaving things unsaid? *smile*

...for more details on Tectonic Craft Studios, head on to and check them out!